Exporting flight plans in new Charts

I am using MSFS 2020 and PMDG aircraft. I create my flightplans in Charts and then export them to be used in PMDG aircraft. From what I can see MSFS sandboxes each PMDG variant so to create a flightplan for use in their three different versions of 737 one would have to export to one variant and go back and copy the plan to the other flightplan folders as it stands now. Given that the folders are buried eight layers deep this is a lot of work.
Please with the new version of Charts let PMDG users be able to specify as many download locations with the export function as needed so we can export and select and send the plans to all the PMDG variants we want with one click of a button. PFPX has allowed this since way back.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for the suggestion which will be considered, likely after first release.


From the user perspective I cannot stress how much easier this would make things.