Export Flight Plan Location Not Saved

My .pln flight plans used to go where I wanted them to go. Now, the default is my download folder, and I have to change the location each time. Also, the file appears to show as XXXX…pln (two dots).

However, while that is a minor inconvenience, the updates and changes are just great, and I look forward to what is still to come!

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I am concerned about this too. I fly PMDG aircraft. In P3d I would create a flight plan that I would re-use in different aircraft, like different variants of the PMDG 737 for example. I could export those flight plans to one folder and the PMDG FMC could find and load them. In discussion with PMDG they indicate that MSFS sandboxes each aircraft, so there can be no common flight plan folder for say the 737-800, 737-700, etc. Rather each aircraft has its own flight plan folder.

Since Navigraph cannot export and remember one location based on the type of exported flight plan, ie one location for MSFS, another for PMDG, much less allow me to select a destination for each PMDG aircraft variant, it will be daunting and time consuming to have to copy each plan to the correct destination folder to make one plan usable in all the PMDG aircraft variants.

My flight plans reside in this folder:


I cannot imagine having to navigate that folder each time I export a .rte flight plan and then having to re-navigate to a second and or third one to re-export or copy to the others I would use.

Why cannot Navigraph allow us to select the destination folders paths, remember all of them, and then with one click of the export button have the plans exported to the chosen places? That would include by the way MSFS code plans and all the PMDG aircraft in my case that I want the plan to be available for?

I brought this up a long time ago under Charts 7, and it was said to be considered for an update feature. There the issue was using same flight plan for PMDG 747 as PMDG 737, but the issues are essentially the same. I am disappointed that it was not implemented in the brand new Charts version.


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