Why does MSFS change my runway after I upload Navigraph flight plan?

I create flight plan in Navigraph, I upload into MSFS, instead of starting from the runway, I change to cold and dark at a gate (using the drop down box in world map). Yet each time MSFS changes my departure runway (when I get IFR clearance) so I never take off on the runway that I chose in my flight plan. The flight plan remains the same however the runway ALWAYS changes. Any ideas on how to fix that??

Select the same approach again (the ILS, RNAV or whatever) and the take-off runway will flip back. If you do that the game will change the route slightly and delete some waypoints.

You need to do that before you click the FLY button.

Hi Shane,
thats the sim. We only provide the data but we have no influence of the logic, how, when and why the sim re-create your flightplan.

This is not a navdata issue, the same happrns with the stock data. Sorry, this can only be fixed by ASOBO/MS or via a workaround, as the previous posting.



You can try choosing the starting position from the drop-down list and not on the map and it should keep your Flight Plan as uploaded from Navigraph.

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Isn’t the issue that Navigraph doesn’t know what the active runway is and therefore allows the user to pick whatever runway they fancy?

Once you take such a flightplan into MSFS, which has access to wind conditions for the originating airport, ATC will pick an active runway that might not agree with the selection made in Navigraph.

I usually plan flights in SimBrief, which has access to wind conditions, and import them into both MSFS and Navigraph Charts. This doesn’t guarantee that you will get the same runway, but it should significantly increase the chances.

A workaround I have discovered is to (1) open Navigraph; (2) start MSFS and get to their “flight planning” page and while there select my departure, arrival, and type of route (e.g. low-altitude) - MSFS then generates a flight plan with the runway they will be sending me out of due to the wind conditions; (3) I head back over to Navigaph and select that pre-determined MSFS runway as my departure and plan the rest of the flight; (4) export the Navigraph flight plan to MSFS format; and (5) head back to MSFS to refresh/remove the previuos flight plan that gave me their departure runway and load my exported Navigrah plan into MSFS. This results in (at least every time so far!) no conflict with the departing runway between Navigraph and the MSFS gods. Hope this helps until MSFS fixes it on their end.