Flight plan created in Navigraph changes when loaded into MSFS Cessna 172 G-1000 NXI

This is my first post in this forum and I really hope I can find an answer. I scanned the forum for the answer of my question but unfortunately was unable to find one. I hope I did not miss finding the answer. My problem is the following:

I created a flight in IFR low altitude plan with Navigraph Charts from Washington KDCA to Philadelphia KPHL and I loaded it to MSFS with no problem.
However although the flight plan loaded into MSFS which I can see as an overlay in the world map is identical to the one I created in Navigraph, the flight plan changes once I click on Fly and then Ready To Fly. I can only see the changed flight plan (Not the one I created in Navigraph) in both the MCDU/FMC
Washington-Philadelphia-KDCA-KPHL Ngrh ILS-4.pln (7.7 KB)

and in the VFR map of the simulator.

Obviously the autopilot follows the changed flight plan, not the one I created.

I tried cahnging SIDs and STARs and even the departure and destination airports but ran into the same problem.

I will try to upload the flight plan and some screenshots showing the problem.

I am using
MSFS sim version
Navigraph Charts v8.14.0 build 3471711788
Navdata Center 1.0.12
Airac cycle 22.11.rev2

Thanks for your help in advance