Navigraph Data Wrong

Not sure what I’ve done but my Navigraph data does not match the flight plan in MSFS. I set up the flight plan in MSFS but when I go look at the charts and the flight plan, the waypoints are different. I have latest airac cycle installed and latest MSFS. Anyone have any idea’s what’s wrong. Thanks


John, after you have loaded the flightplan in MSFS - do you change anything? When yes, the MSFS re-create the flightplan than … so, when you load a flightplan into MSFS - DON`T touch it any more. Sorry, but when this happens - this is not our issue, it´s a MSFS limitation (issue, bug, feature - call it what ever you want :slight_smile:


PS: when my assumption is not correct, let us know again please …

No I didn’t change anything. I noticed this started happening last night.

All right - can you upload the this flightplan here please? I mean the original one, which you try to load in the MSFS?

Thank you,

The flight plan was from KTUL to KMCI, here’s the chart in the TBM and the flight plan down to runway 19R. It was the RNAV approach to 19R.

Have you entered the waypoints manually, or have you loaded a file (which you export from Navigraph charts) in your MSFS? Can you enter the whole flightplan please, that we can try to re-produce it …


I loaded the flight plan in MSFS, chose KTUL as departure, KMCI as arrival, chose low altitude airways and changed the approach to DIRECT and RNAV 19R.

I don’t know what’s going on. I just loaded a KAUS to KDFW and the waypoints match the chart for RNAV approach to 17C.

Sorry, possible I missunderstand you but why do you load the flightplan, when you enter dep-arr? Than its clear that the flightplan looks differ because the logic behind how the route will be calculate is differ …


So you have made a change after loading the flightplan … MSFS re-create the route automatically, when you do this and therefore the waypoints doesn’t match any longer


I’m not loading a flight plan, I just enter departure and arrival and go from there.

Ok, in this case you can’t expect the same route - as I wrote before, the logic behind is differ. This is navdata independent …


It worked fine until yesterday, the waypoints always matched with the flight plan and charts. I think maybe you don’t understand what I’m saying.

I think what he is saying is:

On the world screen in MSFS, he enters his DEP and ARR airports, chooses law altitude IFR. Then for his ARR, he changes what the game chose, and changes that to DIRECT. All this is done on the world screen of MSFS, before he presses Fly.

For me NG doesn’t coincide with the FP sometimes too.

Again, it can´t because as an example the MSFS flightplanner doesn´t support airway directions, but the NG flightplanner does.

In other simpler words:
when you plan a route from A-B in MSFS, the MSFS flightplanner follow the airways without consideration if the airway is valid for this direction. When you plan the same in the NG flightplanner, the route follows exactly the airway directions, and therefore the route can be look differ, what means in other consequence, the waypoints are differ.


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Right John, no I don´t understand - you wrote in your posting before:

and after that you wrote:

So, how should I understand this correctly?

There are two possibilities now for me:

  1. You ENTER the route directly the MSFS WorldMap flight planner and compare the output of this route with the output of the route which you have planned in the NG flight planner - when this is correct, read the posting before to @Blueline308


  1. You LOAD the route, which you have build in the NG flightplanner directly in MSFS. When you do this and you don´t change/touch the loaded flight plan (means, no runway change, no terminal procedure change, no altitude change, no position gate change, nothing!) you should see the same route in MSFS (with the same waypoints) as planned in the NG flight planner.

In that moment, when you do ANY change AFTER you have loaded the flight plan, the MSFS re-calculate the route automatically and it can be the same but must not be the same, again due the one example reason what I have explained in the posting to @Blueline308

Here the created NG route (automatic generated in the charts app):

now I have exported it in the MSFS format and has LOADED it into MSFS:


Exactly the same route, exactly the same distance 195NM

… and now, exactly the same, when I ENTER the dep-arr airports manually in the MSFS WorldMap flight planner:


You see, a complete different route - but that´s clear because there are different logics behind (developed by different companies, by different developer + all what the NG flight planner consider but not the MSFS due the limitation, ie. the airway directions but there are a lot more).

That´s what I have understood now …