Flight plan export directly from charts

Hello all,

New subscriber here :smiley:

I have a strange problem, I used Navigraph to create a flight plan from Gatwick (EGKK) to Marseille (LFML) choosing an appropriate SID, STAR & approach.

When MSFS was fired up I went into the ‘World’ screen and picked ‘Load’ and selected the flight plan. This all seemed to work fine and I could see my route on the map inc the SID STAR etc. What I did notice was that I was starting the flight on RWY 26L engines fired up. I then went back to the flight plan in the ‘World’ option, zoomed in on Gatwick and picked Gate 567 so I could start the flight from cold & dark.

On selecting the Gate, the flight plan was retained but the SID, STAR and ILS approach disappeared and it was as if it was EGKK 26L directly to the first VOR/Waypoint on the plan. I had to manually reselect the SID etc again in MSFS.

Anyone seen this before or was it something I have done wrong ??

Many Thanks



When you change the gate, the Sim changes the plan. Please see Why does MSFS change my runway after I upload Navigraph flight plan? for some suggestions.