Created Navigraph plan and loading in MSFS cause a crash

When subscribed to Navigraph I initially created flightplans in Navigraph, saved it in a folder, opened MSFS and imported into MSFS. Flightplan starts and ends on a runway, which I understand.
But every time I wish to start from a parking spot - cold and dark.

  1. when I change the departure runway to a parking spot, than MSFS changes often the plan, which I can correct. Do not understand this change, please advise.
  2. next when clicking on “Fly etc.” than MSFS stops working, have to sign out and start over again.
    I have to admit that this often happens when I wish to depart from a scenery created by a third freeware party. Please note when in such freeware sccenery I wish to choose a parking spot I do this by clicking on the map NOT from the MSFS drop down menu. Please advise how to overcome this


Johan (You Only Live Once)

Hi Johan,


  1. On MSFS World Map, if you change from departure runway to parking position using drop down menu, the plan shouldn’t be altered. If you select position using the actual map, the route will likely be recalculated. This is an MSFS issue, not a Navdata issue.

  2. The best way to determine if the MSFS stops are being caused by the scenery are to try it with and without the scenery.



Let me check and I will advise.


Hi Ian,

Following my earlier message please following obeservations :

re 1) it indeed recalculates
re 2) indeed the 3rd party scenery is the problem.

Thanks for your replies earlier today.


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