Where is the instruction manual?

Hello. I’ve opened a subscription. I have no idea how to create a route. After pressing a few buttons, I’ve been able to create a departure airport, runway, SID, and approach to a destination. When I load it into MSFS, it looks nothing like what I planned. I’ve looked through YouTube and this forumand can find no basic information to explain, for example, what a dotted line vs a solid line means, what “->DCT” means, etc. I need a manual.

Where is the manual, please, that shows me how to construct a plan and load it into MSFS?



Welcome! Please start with this guide: FAQ - Introduction to Navigraph Charts

For importing route to MSFS please see video 16 here: Navigraph Videos - Navigraph



Thanks Stephen

I’ve tried to build a route from Heathrow to Manchester using the information in the FAQ.


I can’t find anything that explains why I end up with a dotted line from the end of DAYN2A and any approach I select.

The route after importing to MSFS looks nothing like the one in Charts, with what looks like spagetti junction at Manchester.

This is a miserable experience. Is there any actual manual that explains this?



EGCC seems to be an airport where procedures don’t link, like most US airports - the STARs do not end where approaches start. Expect to be vectored by ATC. This is why you see dashed lines.

Try some other European (non-UK) airports and the procedures usually link without vectors/dotted lines.

As for the import to MSFS, did you export a PLN file from charts and then import into MSFS world map?

As a general word of caution, the default flight planner in MSFS is not to be trusted, it doesn’t represent procedures correctly. See this note about the known limitation: STAR-Approach limitation (truncate waypoints, odd flightpaths, pseudo waypoints)

Please use the Working Title mods as they are not using the default faulty flight planner but a custom built one.



Stephen - I appreciate your responses – thank you – but this seems to be an inefficient way (for us both) for me to learn how this product works. I’ll recheck, but I don’t recall it being explained in the FAQ you sent that STARs should end where approaches start (although I see now that it is obvious), in some airports they don’t, that where this occurs a dotted line will result, and the dotted lines means “vectors will be provided”. I’ve spent a long time fiddling with STARs and approaches to see if I could find pairs that do, and this could have been avoided.

I did export a PLN file from charts and import it into MSFS. Even where STARs and approaches join, the terminal procedure in the flight plan in the jet is often different. I have also gone the other way and imported into Charts the flight plan it advises it has detected in the aircraft. These often don’t match either. I will attempt to obtain examples of both.

I’m not sure what “use the Working Title” mods means. Do you mean “select the arrival and approach procedures via e.g. the G3000 mod”? If so, how do I then have that plan appear in Charts so that I can use the tracking and chart overlay functions? The option to import the jet’s plans into Charts only appears once, during initial start. I don’t see any way of synchronising after modifying the plan.