Newbie Problem thats driving me up the wall

Hi, Sorry if this is a really basic question but I’ve just subscribed to Navigraph yesterday and have a problem thats driving me mad. When ever I try to plan a landing at my home airport ( or any for that matter) EGNT, Newcastle there is always a gap between the STAR and Approach. This is for an ILS landing and there arnt many options in either catagory but none match up that I can see and always leave a small section that is still dashed, That I cant then fill. (when I click on the dashed line it comes up with a box saying VECTORS, but dosent let me do anything) Any Idea what Im doing wrong.? Ive tried watching a few videos of how to set up flights but none of them seem to mention this. Im pretty new to Flight sim’s in general so please excuse my lack of understanding if this is a bone question. :slight_smile:


Hi Graham,


Are you referring to Navigraph FMS data? If so please advise which OS, which FS, which aircraft.
Please provide screenshots of FMC and ND showing Vectors etc using Guide to posting Screenshots

If referring to Navigraph Charts please show screenshots of dashed line and VECTORS box.


Hi Ian, Thanks for the response.

I’m not sure what I’m referring to to be honest. Im using MSFS 2020 / windows 10. Navigraph charts I think I’m referring to. I’m convinced its just my lack of understanding what Im supposed to be doing but I just cant figure it out.

Couple of examples there mate.

Thanks for your help.

Hello Graham,

Whilst the majority of STAR’s do link to the final approach, at least in Europe, it is not the case at EGNT for the ILS. Here you would be ATC vectored. The RNP approaches can be fully linked via the transitions.

Outside of Europe you’ll frequently find the STAR exit requiring ATC vectors to the final approach.

Ahh, Ok. so basically the end of the STAR is the end of your flight plan in theses cases and getting to final is by ATC instruction and using the charts.? Ive got a lot to learn. :))

Thanks for your help lads.

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