Can anyone help with my approach issue?

I set up an low level IFR flight plan from EGPK to EGCC. My route arrives at LAKEY before acquiring the DALE2A arrival for the approach to ILS23R into Manchester.


The first problem I have is that my arrival and approach don’t actually connect and the end of the arrival has a dotted line to the beginning of the approach. No matter I thought, the plane will just fly the dotted line. Well it doesn’t.

When I load up the file into MSFS first thing I notice is that the GPS actually routes me from the end of the arrival straight to the airport then runs a reverse course of the approach before turning back in to acquire the localiser.

I’m not sure whether it’s Navigraph or MSFS that is actually correct but why doesn’t the route tie up in both? What am I doing wrong? When I’m planning in Navigraph should I be selecting the approach before the arrival or vice versa? I seem to be having this mismatch quite often where I can never seem to ling the arrival with the approach no matter which options I select.

Any advice welcome.

The dashed lines usually indicate an approach where you would get ATC vectors to the final approach course. You can fix that in Charts by adding the IAF (Initial Approach Fix) as a waypoint after the fix where the dashed line begins. In MSFS, depending on the aircraft, you might have a discontinuity message in the FMS. You can take the first waypoint after the discontinuity and move it up just above it and the autopilot should then fly to the IAF.

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Hi Mike

I have the same problem. I was wondering if you could explain in a bit more detail as to how exactly you would fix this issue on this particular example. I understand that once you get to ROSUN where the dotted line begins you are not supposed to proced further without ATC clearance (as per the approach chart). However if you dont use ATC how would you overcame this issue. Where do you get the IAF. Is this fixable in Simbrief, Navigraph or in the FMC?


Due to changes in the procedures since this thread was started, it appears that the DALE2A arrival no longer exists. The LAKE1M looks to be its replacement so your flight plan would look like this: EGPK/12 SUDB1L SUDBY Z249 OSMEG T256 DCS L612 LAKEY LAKE1M EGCC/I23R. Either way, the arrival ends at ROSUN where ATC would then vector you to the final approach course. MSFS doesn’t do vectors, so you are on your own. The sim’s ATC would probably give you a clearance direct to CF23R before you got to ROSUN. That’s too steep of an intercept angle. The normal intercept angle is around 30 degrees. If it was me, I would estimate the vectors that ATC might give me. After ROSUN, I would fly a heading of 100 for about 15 nautical miles then turn right direct to CF23R and intercept the ILS. How you would do that in the airplane depends on what airplane you are flying. Each FMC is a little different, but the principles are the same.

Hi Mike

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I do appreciate your help in this matter. I did encounter quite a lot of situations when opening a flight plan from Simbrief into Navigraph seems to be ending in limbo with a dotted line like the one in this example and no matter what runway or approach you chose does not fix the problem. Now thanks to you I do know that in situations like this you have to do some manual flying in order to intercept the ILS


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