Where is my landing runway?

When creating a flight plan using simbrief including my arrival and destination airports, sometimes I am not guided down to the end of the runway. E.G.: KBOS to KLGA. Sometimes I am not able to reach the landing runway and I have to fly around and search to find the airport and land manually. This happens with several of my flight plans e.g. CYVR to KSAN. What am I doing wrong please?

please describe step by step what you are doing.

Also, which sim, which addon you are using, the exact flightplan …

I’m 100% sure that this has nothing todo with the navdata. It’s more a handling issue …

So, please let us know what you exactly do, possible with screenshots, a video, … that we can figure out what you are doing wrong.

Thank you

  1. Sim = MSFS (uptodate). 2. Addon = PMDG 737-700. 3. Flight Plan = KBOS-KLGA. 4. Airac = current (2311). 5. Path = ROUTE ID: DEFRTE
    6: Localizer = Selected. 7.= Approach = Selected. 8. ATC = MSFS. When reaching my last waypoint my (Pink) flight path and (Blue) runway does not display and the aircraft is no pointing towards the airport or the runway. Using a flight plan from CYVR (Vancouver) to KPDX (Portland) every thing works properly. I am trying to figure out why some flightplans will guide me to the runway and some won’t.

thats because the HARP3 STAR ends with vectors to the final approach. You should use the charts too before and during your flights, to identify such requiremts/conditions.

Here from the charts the very clear instruction:


Thank you, Richard … I understand what you have told me but don’t as yet know how to do it. I don’t think MSFS ATC is supported by PMDG and I don’t know how to use VATSIM yet. I do not have any friends who fly simulators so I have to figure everything out for my self. I am also 81 years old and my learning curve is quite strenuous at my age. Any way thanks again for helping.


Hi Terry,
first of all thanks for your words and sorry when I was a little bit rude in my answer to you. Was not my intention and isn’t our philosephy of customer service. So appologize if you had the feeling.

Just to clarify: the MSFS ATC is not developed by PMDG. It’s a part of the MSFS, so developed by MS/Asobo. Further the MSFS ATC is very, very limited basic and full of bugs and errors. I would recommend Pilot2ATC or similar else.

These applications are not build in applications but works much more bettet than the in-game ATC. We also support most of them (ie my example with Pilot2ATC). The negative effect is, you must learn to handle this tool too and as you wrote, the learning curve is high but with 81 years you are not old :wink:

Worth to try in one of your next flights …


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