BIKF missing runways and STARs

  1. Sim version -
  2. Navigraph Navdata client version 1.0.0-beta19
  3. AIRAC cycle + revision number 2013 rev.4
  4. Exact description of the issue, including cause of the issue (Flight plan in world map, loading a flight plan generated from outside, using aircraft type etc.) When selecting an approach on the MCDU or in MSFS planner no arrivals or approaches are displayed, happens when both manually loading a plan and when importing a plan
  5. Screenshots or example files if applicable (Flight plans or similar)

  6. Confirmation that the issue does not exist using default data, which requires Remove in installer. This allows us to verify if it’s a sim issue or data issue.

    Confirmed that when you remove the navigraph data all arrivals and approaches are available again
  7. Advise if there is any difference in the issue between the World Map and MCDU/FMC, if applicable.

I confirm this issue with MSFS, beta client 19 and cycle 2013 rev.5.


Hi guys,
thanks for the report and the details. A “first class” report - much appreciated …
I will check this and will come back to you …


Hi guys,
sorry, but this is a sim issue. In the runway 1 the leading zero is missing and therefore the sim can´t assign the procedures. The logic in the sim is, when a runway ident is missing or not equal to the terminal procedures, all terminal procedures will be disabled. Sorry, this can only be fixed by ASOBO.

Here the runway list - runway 1 (leading zero is missing):

Merry Christmas,

PS: as soon as ASOBO has fixed this, all procedures are immediately available because they are still included but can´t assigned to the runway(s).

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Thanks @NAVData! Shakes fist at asobo

I’ll raise a bug ticket with asobo!

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