Missing runways

Please forgive me if I’m being nieve - if the navdata doesn’t encompass this as a goal then that is understandable.

I’ve noticed at a couple of airports I’ve landed at recently, there is a runway on the 10-9 yet the airport in-sim does not appear. It is present in the FMS but shows as a 0m runway. Examples are 13L/31R UMMS and another is ROAH 36L/18R, now this is a different one because this appears to be closed on satellite imagery, however, does appear on the Jeppesen charts. Also as a side note this airport appears to be missing it’s STAR’s.

Can also confirm this runways do not exist in default data.

Hi Rob,
not nieve, that´s a least our goal yes - but we may not add missing runways (or change wrong runway-idents) on existing airports. This is a recommendation from ASOBO/MS, so it´s not in our hand - sorry.

And that´s exactly the reason, why the STARs are missing … we have opened a new “category” with “known issues” and here, I have tried to describe exactly this issue. Also not in our hand, sorry … the terminal procedures are all included but will suppressed by the sim, when the runways are missing or not correct to the scenery.

Sorry Rob, we would help because we have all these information in our datasets, in our source but we can´t …

That’s all good. Appreciate the explanation! I get there are many issues currently with the MSFS flight plan manager. Fingers cross Asobo can improve this soon!

Also just as a side note Richard, whilst we’re talking about limitations of the sim. I have just been looking into what the circle to land addition means for this sim and noticed that these don’t get charted properly in-sim. Using LOWI as an example (I assume the circle to land is noted as LOC-W - not seen that one before), the routing gets drawn as almost a straight line from E to W rather than around to the south and back in. Is this another limitation?


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