Hello there. I’m encountering an issue with one of the airports (LEMG) whereby I create the flight plan in Simbrief (which is in turn retrieving latest AIRAC from SB of course).

All runways and associated SIDs/STARs etc. are available in SB. But when I load the plan via the MCDU (in FBW/A32NX latest dev version) - I can only find RWY12. RWYs 13 and 30 which are listed through Simbrief and the Navigraph application/charts - are not listed. I then tried using the FS2020 built in flight planning front end. Same is true there as well. I assumed that the FMS data from NG should correct such issues in FS2020?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Im not associated with Navigraph but this is a known bug with the SIM AND the FBW mods. Not the navigraph team. Unfortunately the FBW are less then helpful and not motivated to fix as they dont think its them and Asobo is Asobo. It doesnt do it as bad on the Garmin systems to there is a little bit of a pointing fingers issue here. Meanwhile, us simmers are stuck with a unflyable plane. (At least to do an accurate IFR that is)

A solution I have found is to type each waypoint in manually. Its painful for longer flights but the only way to get it to accept it.

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I have the same issue with the FBW mod and simlink. It DID work but stopped. I tried EVERY trick… nada. So like you old school…

Hi Salter,
hi guys,
this all has nothing todo with FBW, nor any other mod or the navdata. The issue here is more simpler:
The runway 13/31 is missing in the stock scenery of LEMG.

Here what you see in the sim:

… and here, the reality:

The main issue now is the logic in the sim. When the sim can´t assign a procedure to a runway, all STARs will be disabled. That means in our case, we have the STARs for 13/31 in the update-files but the sim can´t assign it to the specific runway because the runways are missing - result: the sim suppress all STARs.

According ASOBO instructions, we shouldn´t add runways to an existing airport and therefore we can´t do anything about this. Again this has nothing todo with any mod, nor with the data. Why does this work with the stock data? Hm, I guess that ASOBO has a filter added in their parser, which supports this logic - but as you see on the charts. The data are also not correct/incomplete due the missing runway and therefore due the missing STARs.

Sorry guys, there is really no workaround from our side possible. We only can hope, that ASOBO change either the logic in the sim or adding the missing runway - and of course, this is not a LEMG issue only. That happens worldwide, where runways are missing which are existing in real-world.


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Thank you for the quick response, @NAVData

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