SIDS and STARS not matching

First off, I do not know where to post this Discussion as I have not done this before so if it is in the wrong area, apologies.

I am having an issue where the SIDS and STARS shown in the MCDU for Microsoft Flight Simulator are not matching up with the ones I am given when I generate my Flight Plan via SimBrief using the same AIRAC cycle as in game, sometimes the airport I’m traveling to has no STARS even though I am given one in my routing. An example of this is below.

Here is the AIRAC cycle I currently am using.

When I am looking at my OFP routing chart, it says I am to use the STAR “BURIN5” for runway 28.

When I look for the STAR on my flight plan arrival, one of 2 things happen depending on the airport I’m flying to, either the STAR is not in the database or, like in this case no STARS show up in the database.

I do not know if I am doing anything wrong, I have installed the Navigraph Hub installed with all the packages installed into MFS. I am having no issues, (as far as I can tell) with inputting any of the waypoints or airways.

check the runways in MSFS please - has the MSFS two runways 10/28 and 16/34?

When no, this is the answer why you don’t see the terminal procedures - then it’s an MSFS issue due an outdated scenery in MSFS.

Please let me know

Unsure if this is what you’re referring to, but when I spawn at the airport in question, (CYYT) (St. Johns Intl) I see 3 runways both when loaded into the game and on the world map itself. The three runways are 11/29, 16/34, and 02/20. I see that there is no runway 28 for the airport, my question is: if there is no runway 28 for the desired airport, then why am I told both in game and on SimBrief to land on runway 28? I used the most recent AIRAC (2401) when generating the flight plan and also have it in game.

Because that´s the reality …

You see, the real-world runways are 10/28 and 16/34 … in MSFS you have 02/20 (not existing any more), 11/29 (outdated runway idents) and 16/34. The MSFS suppresses now the terminal procedures, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to an existing runway. That´s a bug since day one of the MSFS and has nothing todo with the navdata.

We offer real-world data and you still have these terminal procedures in your data but the MSFS doesn´t shown this due this bug.

That´s also the reason, why you don´t see any terminal procedures in the stock data (means without our data). With the stock data you have only terminal procedures for 16/34 but not for 11/29 (as in the sim).

Here, all terminal procedures from the stock data:

… and here, when our data are installed:

All procedures are still included but can´t be selected due the MSFS bug. Sorry, please report this to MS/ASOBO, that the stock scenery is outdated.


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