Weird problems during EDDL runway 5R approach


I’m still new to flight simulation, so it’s totally possible I did something wrong. I recently flew from EDLP to EDDL in MSFS2020 (CJ4 with Working Title mod, current release), with my route having been planned in SimBrief.

When I activated the approach (which I might have done a little early), I had a flight plan discontinuity as the waypoint HALME could not be found in the database. I am using the latest AIRAC data 2101 rev 1 in both SimBrief, as well as the MSFS beta data. I’ve no idea if this may be related to the CJ4 mod, or the FMS data.

What I found odd is that when I look at the Navigraph charts around EDDL, several jetways just end. I know they have to end somewhere, but doesn’t that chart look odd? Like Z717 starts and ends right in the vicinity of the airport without any interconnections.

The flight plan itself started on jetways, but then just used waypoints to approach EDDL.

I’ll attach a screenshot…

The route (HMM9X HMM T851 HALME HALM1X) was suggested as IFPS compliant EuroControl route by SimBrief.

Hi Torsten,
first of all welcome on the flightsim community and specially here our forum. We will try to answer all question as good as we can, but we are also a very friendly community here with a lot of people with a high knowledge about navigation and flightsimming.

I would ask this question first:

I guess you have only look on the high-enroute airways - when you switch to the low-enroute airways you will see that most these airways are not stopping. So, in real life, it could be that you start on an low-airway and will continue on an high airway (or vice-versa). Thats depending of your route-planner.

To your second qestion about HALME:
I have added HALME as a waypoint in the FMC (in my favorit aircraft the Working-Title CJ4 mod) and here, no problem:

and then I have tried HALM1X to ILS05R
before I removed the DISCO:

after I have removed it:

You see, possible and it looks correct - STAR HALM1X ends at RONAD (IAF) after that you have the normal ILS procedure:

Sorry, but I can´t reproduce the “Not in database” message when I enter HALME or I misunderstood your question.


Hi Richard,

you’re absolutely right, the ending jetways actually continue in the low airway view, while I was using the high airway view. Thanks for clarifying, I’m still very confused by many of the aspects that come together here :slight_smile:

About HALME, my problem may have been related to the SimBrief import. I didn’t create the flight plan using the onboard FMS, I’m actually not sure how it was imported; I exported a .pln file from SimBrief, which I loaded on the FS2020 world map. When I started the flight, the sim had put me on the runway with a flight plan preloaded, but I also had configured my SimBrief pilot ID earlier in the mod. So it probably used the flight plan that MSFS had arranged on the world map after I hit load; or it might also have loaded it from SimBrief, not sure?

I guess I’ll have to see if I can reproduce this again - thanks again, at the very least you have helped me to understand that there is nothing wrong with the chart.

Best regards,

Torsten, are you possible able to upload your SimBrief file (.pln) file here? Then I take a look on it and also, I can try the same way as you …
Thank you,

Of course, thanks for taking a look at it! In the heat of the moment I didn’t think about doing any in-game screenshots, as I had my hands full trying to direct the plane to a different waypoint and everything. This is the .pln I had used:

EDLPEDDL_MFS_30Jan21.pln (4.7 KB)

As mentioned I had started on the runway (I didn’t intend do, but I also didn’t want to go back to the main menu and reload the flight plan given the long loading times on my system). The discontinuity appeared when I activated the approach in the FMS, around halfway into the flight, when ATC told me to sink to 16000. I believe that was shortly after passing HMM, which might have been way too early to activate the approach? I have no idea about proper procedures :slight_smile:

It actually looked really weird in the FMS, because right after the discontinuity the route somehow returned to an earlier waypoint, which also looked odd on the map in-game map (PPOS view on the PFD). If you can’t reproduce it, I’ll try it again myself.

I had been using version 0.10.1 of the CJ4 mod.

Come to think of it, what was also odd as well, and made me doubt the validity of the data, was that the NAV1 frequency was tuned to some other frequency, something like 110,1 - I don’t know where that number came from, as I thought when I activate the approach in the FMS it should tune the frequency automatically.

The proper frequency according to Navigraph Charts was 110,15, which I had to put into the FMS by hand as it didn’t initially capture the VOR. But again I have to admit that I have no idea what I’m doing. At least I could land the plane successfully after changing the frequency, glideslope and localizer were captured fine and landed on the right runway. So a win for me :slight_smile: