Incorrect waypoint in flightplan on approch and ILS not available since 2022 Rev2

Since the AIRAC 2202 Rev2, I noticed two problems:

  • After having integrated and finalized the flight plan in the MCDU, I noticed that, just before the last point of an approach, another point is inserted which corresponds to a missed approach (finding on all airports, such as LGAV and OMDB)
  • Another major problem, I no longer have any recognized ILS. They no longer feed automatically as before and, by entering the frequencies by hand, they are no longer recognized anywhere.
    I did a test without the Navigraph package, everything is OK.
    I always use the Development FBW.
    Note in passing: I had a very small update when starting MSFS just now, I don’t know what it was, I didn’t have time to see.
    Thank you for helping us, especially for the ILS!
    Thank you,

Hi Alain,
thanks for your report. We have a parallel thread here with the same report. I have figured out an issue in revision 2, sorry for that. I´m currently working on a fix to solve this - so you can expect a revision 3 as soon as possible. Thanks and again, please excuse.


Thanks Richard.
I had view the thread about missed approaches who are now automatically inserted into the flight plan but nobody as also report problems with ILS who are not recognised.
I have tried on ground, at LFPG who I kwo very well.
Without Navigraph AIRAC, when I selected a RW, the ILS is automaticaly seen in MCDU. as before.
Whis Rev2, nothing, even if I put manually the frequencies.
Sorry if I am not in the correct thead.

Alain sorry, I have forgotten you … Have you fixed your ILS issue?

Sorry again …

Hello Richard.
My ILS issue is fixed with the Rev3.
Thank you for your responsiveness.

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