SID end waypoint not recognized in NAVIGRAPH CHARTS


Hello people. It seems that the END waypoint of SID`s are not recognized since yesterday late evening. It does mark it in red. Then it does not connect to a route from there.

What is going on? A fail?

Thank you.


We’re checking. It looks like an issue on our side, likely because it is missing a destination airport. But that shouldn’t be resulting in an error like that.



I mostly put the destination airport in at last instance as I first create the route manually (and avoiding weather - flying around it) and then check the runways available and their head/crosswind as to evaluate best options. If you put departure and destination in and you want to change route on the fly, it is a little more complex to revert.

I had the issues in LFQQ, LEJR, LEMG, LPFR, LKFK, LFML. Those were the flight plans I made recently.

Also, SIMBRIEF. Can you cater for models and their performance also for P3D users of PMDG, CAPTAIN SIM, QUALITYWINGS, FSLABS? I see only MSFS based. Would be nice to be included.

Thank you so much.