Website version service has been spotty the past week

The past week I’ve had a lot of issues with connectivity performance while using the cloud version of the product on the website. I don’t run into these issues with the iOS app. I’m getting spinning wheels in places. Some weird behaviors such as the drop down box below the flight plan showing up. Right now I can’t even start a new flight because I have a spinning wheel that won’t go away. I haven’t used the desktop version as a like to keep from running as many programs as possible.


Same problem for me today. Connected once for part of a flight and now can’t connect. Yesterday was real slow but would finally connect.

Having the same problem here. This appears like a problem that a lot of users should be experiencing. Yet I don’t see much out there about it.

Here’s what I’ve been seeing all week. Additionally, Simlink periodically states that it cannot connect to the Navigraph server. I cannot capture a screenshot of this, however, because it’s periodic. I’ve uninstalled Navigraph and Simlink and get the same issue after reinstall. For what it’s worth, I’m using the Windows versions.

Reporting the same problems. Login is extremely slow for both simbrief and Navigraph. Also I’m getting disconnected every 5 mins or so.

Hi Team,

These reported outages are all from the US. I am wondering if there is a common ISP issue. Please advise your ISP and State.


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The common pattern we’ve found is that everyone affected are on Comcast, or ISPs that rely on Comcast in some way. It is not an issue with Navigraph infrastructure per se. Please contact your ISP’s support to report issues with connectivity against Amazon AWS which is our cloud provider.



I am Comcast in Missouri. Things are much better now as a whole.