Server Down 2

I cant sign in to Navigraph inside the sim (MSFS2020). This app has been nothing but glitches lately. I might be dumping my subscription if this continues.

I click on “Use Latest Simbrief OFP” and nothing happens. The button is broken. In VR.

Same here. Logging in is extremely slow for both Simbrief and Navigraph. Also if you are able to login after 5 mins you get logged out automatically from the app. I had to constantly re-login if I want to see the current position.

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Hi Team,

These reported outages are all from the US. I am wondering if there is a common ISP issue. Please advise your ISP and State.



The common pattern we’ve found is that everyone affected are on Comcast, or ISPs that rely on Comcast in some way. It is not an issue with Navigraph infrastructure per se. Please contact your ISP’s support to report issues with connectivity against Amazon AWS which is our cloud provider.



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