Navigraph Outage - No support or Acknowledgement

Can’t access my ultimate subscription. I got signed out (while flying) 4-5 hours ago and can’t get back in. Same thing with the guy I was flying with at the time.

Can you please fix the issue, or, at the very least, acknowledge it?

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I’m not alone: Hjet and navigraph - #7 by CAPTAINAS007 - Aircraft - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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thanks for the report, but I don’t see any outage on our side. All seems to be working as normal.

Can’t you logged in? Where? Charts, Navigraph Navdata Center, webpage, Simlink, Simbrief, …

Please can you try it again and can you say us which services are effected on your end. Again, no outdage here, not planned or unplanned.

… you can normally be sure, that we announce planned outdages.

Thanks for your help

It started working again. For 3 hours I could not connect my navigraph account to the windows app. The authentication webpage would not load.

I addition to the link, which is from someone I don’t know, it happened at the same moment to a friend I was flying with.

Try searching “navigraph” on the microsoft flight simulator forums and sort by most recent?

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I’ve had really spotty service the past few days. Mainly connectivity like issue - spinning wheels, unable to start a flight, and just general unreliability. Sometimes, it differs from iOS app to cloud app as the iOS app has been a little more reliable. But it’s been odd.


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it could also be your ISP. As we have seen the services are up and running and we haven’t receive any massive reports about general connection issues.

In most cases, when this is really no server outage on our side. It’s an issue on the client side or between the ISP and the client. as an example, there are several reports where the ISP has blocked IP ranges or similar else. Also it could be something todo with the browser which you’re using, cache, antivirus, ad blocker, firewall, …

As a general recommendation:
Try a different browser, if possible, try a different connection (like mobile connection), disable antivirusa and 3rd party software firewalls, …

Such issues can be complex …

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I have to agree on the flakiness of the Windows Charts app to get data. I’m on a 1 Gbps fiber connection and I often get delays of a few or more seconds before something shows up, with many times having to select a chart multiple times to get it to appear. The iOS app seems to be more reliable and quicker (although it too is sometimes slow) and so I have stopped using the Windows program and use an iPad.

Hi Team,

These reported outages are all from the US. I am wondering if there is a common ISP issue. Please advise your ISP and State.


CenturyLink 1Gbps symmetric fiber connection in Colorado.

Thanks Ian. Comcast/xfinity Internet California.

It was working intermittently earlier. Today it was simbrief connect that displayed an error.

Thank you.



The common pattern we’ve found is that everyone affected are on Comcast, or ISPs that rely on Comcast in some way. It is not an issue with Navigraph infrastructure per se. Please contact your ISP’s support to report issues with connectivity against Amazon AWS which is our cloud provider.



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