VOR & NDB NAVAIDS out of date in France

I am extremely surprised to ses that, in Navigraph, the AGN VOR is still there. The authorities have removed this VOR in December 22. AG NDB has also been removed.

This mistake is extremely annoying for Flight planning.

Hello Eric! Thank you for the feedback!

As far as I can see, AGN is a DME in the south of France and it is still being used as a reference for some terminal waypoints, such as D112U.

It is also part of some of the arrival charts for nearby Toulouse airport, last updated on 12 May 2023 which is after the date that you mentioned:

Would you mind pointing me in the direction of official records of its discontinuation? We get that data from our data provider Jeppesen, and they are notified of such changes by the authorities.

I am not able to find any AG NDBs in our database, would you mind showing an example?

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Thank you for your quick answer I do appreciate. I will find the official documents for VOR and NDB removals. I am afraid they will be in French.

AGN is still a key point for multiple Airways which converge there. But no longer a VOR. Only GPS coordinates allow to fly to AGN now.

Here is the official document( in French) . AG (400KHZ) was also removed in 2022.

Hope this helps. Keep me aware please. And warn Jeppesen!!

lf_circ_2022_a_002_fr.pdf (607 KB)

As Malte noted AGN is now DME only as depicted on the NG chart, AIP France ENR 4.1, which is used as a fix on airways A25, G17 R17, AIP ENR 3.2

We do not have any French navaids with the identifier AG, neither VOR or NDB.

The document you have provided indicates that the AGN VOR has been discontinued. As I mentioned, we do not have such a VOR facility in our data anymore, as expected.

However, as also mentioned, the DME remains in use as a reference for procedures at the nearby airport. It’s possible that AGN previously was a VOR/DME, and is now just a DME. It is reported as such (not VOR) in our app:


You will find that the navaid is present in any real-world source, as a DME and not VOR:


@srcooke already provided the official AIP references, thanks a bunch!

I am happy we are all right. I did not notice AGN remains a DME only navaid.

Great Thank you for the helpful dialog.

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Eric Pecquerie

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Indeed. you’re welcome!