LFRH Lorient France VOR/TACAN 115.80 missing

The VOR is missing in MSFS, unable to fly the SIDs ROSPO 1W and BAGAD 1B or 1W .
Charts are OK
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Hi maybe it has somthing due to this NOTAM?

|**F1248/22**|*Created 04/08/2022 12:22*|
| --- | --- |
|Q) LFRR/QNNAS/IV/BO/AE/000/999/4746N00326W025|
|A) LFRH B) FROM: 22/08/10 06:00 TO: 22/08/10 10:00|

Ref: Latest NOTAM Briefing | NOTAM Info

LOR navaid is certainly included in the latest Navigraph database (Richard will confirm) but it is a TACAN only navaid that will not provide any azimut information on a standard NAV receiver (but only a DME information). This is probably the reason why you cannot receive it with a full azimut/dme information. According to latest Jepp charts, the ROSPO 1W departure (23-Jul-2021 chart) doesn’t make use of this TACAN facility (it only uses the LOR NDB on these charts). The same is true for the BAGAD 1B/1W departures. However, it appears the French AIP indeed provides older charts for these departures (13-Aug-2020) that make use of a “regular” LOR VORDME. IMO, these charts are not anymore valid even if I cannot find any NOTAM describing the changes. Could be that Jeppesen has some unpublished information regarding that.
May be Richard will be able to complete the existing information


I´m not sure what the LOR TACAN has todo with the SIDs because accroding the charts, all these SIDs are referring to the LOC DME (ident BH) and not, as Hervé mentioned also before, to the LOR TACAN navaid, and for the ROSPO1W and the BAGDA1W you need only the LOR NDB …

I have also looked into the data source and the LOR TACAN will not be used for the departure routes, nor for any other arrivals or approaches.

And last, the LOR TACAN is included in the MSFS data:

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