VOR/DME NL wrong?

Not shure if its is a Navigraph thing, but I have found in X-Plane several VOR/DME in the Netherlands which seems to be in your database DME, while in real life they are VOR/DME.
Checked | Pilot Nav | Browse all navaids in NETHERLANDS
I found HDR (Den Helder), RKN (Rekken) and SPY (Spijkerboor) incomplete.
In LittleNavmap they are depicted as only DME as well.
Can you help?

Hi Paul,
first of all, welcome and thanks for your report. I have checked the example navaids with the AIP Netherlands, and all of these are DME only.

Here directly from the AIP Netherlands, where you can see the navaids and their types:

These, your example navaids, are really DME only navaids as you see. I don´t know the source and/or actuality of the referenced webpage, therefore I can´t say from where this information is or how old this information is.

Hope that helps,

Well thanks for you swift reply. I am surprised. I fly in sims very long and own an aeronautical chart 1992 (!) from the low countries and they all are/were depicted as VOR/DME. Strange thing. Have learned something today. Thx

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Found this map. It still contains the VOR/DME’s. More recent than the one I own in paper format.

So it must have changed quit recently I guess…

Yes Paul you´re right - I have looked in the change-log now - these navaids are changed with cycle 2108, so a “young” change indeed.


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