CRL (109.2) VOR


Just attemted the OB4A dept from LFPG which involves the CRL VOR however my plane just wouldn’t tune to it. The XP-11 map doesn’t seem to have the VOR on it so can’t tune it that way.

I’ve just read online that this VOR has actually been decommissioned lately but still shows in the charts? Is this a bug not showing up in the sim or is the chart out of date?


I don’t find the OB4A departure in the chart, I’m not sure it is publihsed
The other major charts supplier also list the CRL VOR on its 08-10-2020 AFC2
chart, but surely all charts needs updating ? It’s a developing story and I’ll look forward to know more about this

EDIT : yes I’ve fint it, it’s a POGO link departure.
I’ve looked back in the State AIP and it’s also 8-10-2020, with CREIL on 109.2, so everything looks good as the private providers are up to date with the base source from the French State.
Looking forward to what the next AIP revision may bring.

EDIT : after an extensive search on the State AIP, we have some changes for the next update on the 25th of march, for instance the CRL VOR will disappear from AD 2 LFOB SID RWY ALL POGO 01 chart (but will stay on next version -25-3-2021) of AD 2 LFOB SID RWY ALL POGO 02, so try to understand something here…) It’s definitively an ongoing situation, and something looks very wrong to me, to have it on the State chart, but not available in the data.
In my opinion, the VOR may still be here in real life, and the chart are preparing for it’s decommission gradually, but the navdata doesn’t have it in advance ? It’s just a supposition on my part, as I cannot get a clear view of what is really happening with this VOR.

As a side note, the VFR Million chart for North France from the SIA dated 2020 does not figure the VOR any more.

I have looked at the LFFF notams, nothing regarding CRL.
I have looked at LFOB notams, nothing regarding CRL, only : 04/08/2021 0000 04/21/2021 2359 VOR/DME BOV 109.650MHZ/CH33Y INSTALLED (REPLACES VOR BVS) PSN : 0492610.9N 0020911.5E

If you are in X-Plane 11, you can use user_nav.dat and then add at the end of the file :
3 49.255277778 2.514777778 291 10920 130 1.000 CRL ENRT LF CREIL VOR-DME

(still testing)

working on it, I didn’t succeed so far reestablishing an active VOR

in the mean time, CRL does exist as a waypoint now in the navigraph database on my X-Plane, so you can fly the procedure, but not raw data.

Very strange indeed for it not to be clear cut. I’m not an expert on editing navdata - so if the above fix works of the time being I’ll give it a go if you can left me know which line to use. :slight_smile: