ENML VOR not found


can you (or anyone) pls check if you have the ME LOC DME in ENML ?

As you see it should be there as of the Chart, but it seams to be missing in MSFS.

Thanks a lot

Hi Matthias,
thanks your very much for your question.

I have checked our source and we have the ME ILS-DME Navaid (109.10) in our database, you see this also in our MSFS data, when you look for this navaid on the WorldMap

Possible that such navaid type will not be shown on the VFR map (you can´t also not search for it) - seems to be another WorkingTitle issue with their navigation framework. But this navaid is included as you see (using stock scenery and the AIRAC 2213 rev. 2).


Hello Richard,
thank you very much for the Answer.

In the Worldmap i also found it. Not when i search by name “ME”, but opening the Filter and then looking for it.
( i did not use the chart soo much until now )

The Content.xml looks like this:

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Package name="fs-base-nav" priority="1"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata-base" priority="2"/>
  <Package name="navigraph-navdata" priority="3"/>

Is this correct like it is ??

And i forgot yesterday, i have installed ENML from Orbx:

But what i also see today and wonder most about this is:
I read in your answer about Airac 2213 rev.2
I have the Navdata in stalled via the Navigraph Datacentre and it always run in Background.
But i dont get any info about there is a rev.2 of Airac 2213.

If all that is correct then it is another Prosim Issue … i dont count the Issues in Prosim anymore.


Hi again Matthias,
I assume that it makes no difference between the 3rd party addon scenery and the stock scenery. Because I haven´t this scenery and I also don´t see the ME ILS DME navaid in the VFR map. So, in both cases the same effect … therefore your config is correct and there is no need to change/add the scenery to your content-file.

To the second point about the revision 2 - there is currently no notification, when a new revision or a new cycle is out, sorry. Our plan is to re-design the Navigraph Navdata Center during this year and one topic is the notification. So in the future, we will implement …

As a workaround for the moment - set the Release Notes - AIRAC Cycle in the forum of “Watching”, then you get a notification from the forum, when we add new release notes (like new cycle or revisions).

… but the revision 2 in this cycle has nothing todo with your report, so all in all I guess you´re fine and your configuration is perfect. I don´t see any issues here. The WorldMap uses the same data from the MSFS as in the VFR map, therefore I´m pretty sure, that this is really a filter issue in the WorkingTitle Framework.

Not sure, what you mean with ProSim because ProSim uses their own database and not the BGL stuff from the MSFS for their addons - or do I miss something here :wink:


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Hello again,

that is a very helpfull Answer, thanks a lot.
I will enable this notification in the Forum for sure and perfect that you will implement it in the Navdata Centre !! :+1:

About Prosim, yes…Prosim is a Problem in all relations at the moment.
There are uncountable Issues at the Moment.
About the Database, i dont know why they need to use his own Database, no other Addon needs that.
I think that is related to any older version as Prosim needs this self created Database for what ever and did not update to actual system solutions available.

Topic is solved…Thanks again

Hi Matthias,

The reason is, that the MSFS database in the background is very limited. Some High-End / Study-Level /Homecockpit addons/tools needs a lot of more information as only the basic information what the MSFS provides.

A second reason is, such 3rd party developer are independent of sim-updates, world-updates or other updates from ASOBO, WorkingTitle, … As we all have seen in SU10, where our data was filtered incorrectly and therefore you were not able to find navaids, or waypoints in the sim - so in other words, useless. We have reported this immediately but we had to wait 8 weeks (two AIRAC cycles) for a fix with SU11. That´s too long and in my eyes not acceptable for you as Navigraph user but also we, have no clue what they add/change next …

Therefore it´s better for the 3rd party aircraft addon developer to use any external database - to be independent and also that the user can switch between the navdata provider :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your kind words and let me/us know, whenever you have more questions and/or issues with our products/data.



nice explained again…

No, not at the moment…i just hope for the Zoom Buttons in any next Update of charts … :slight_smile:


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