A lot of only Dme 's in the NL

Hi navigraph,
Thanks to Msfs I’m really getting into VFR.
I tried to do some VFR from Eham via the VOR/Dme beacons, but apparently most of them don’t work, and only give Dme signals, even though I’m sure it are VOR/DME’s.

Am I missing something?


Vic, do you have a few examples for us, that we can check it.

Thank you

sure, when I go to airport. EHAM, and tune the SPY, AMS or any other VOR except SPL, I only get DME reading.

Hello Vic,

Many VORs in Netherlands have been decomissioned, keeping only the DME part. It is the case for AMS, HDR, FRT, FRO, PAM, RKN and SPY. So, the situation you describe is normal
See the Netherland AIP here for the current status


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