VIDP SID/STAR runway 29L

Hello I am missing all STAR for runway 29L at VIDP I have latest navdata installed in MSFS. I think because the runway has changed from 29 to 29L. Thank you!

Right, sorry … Ourdated sim. Use either a 3rd party scenery, where the runways are identically to rhe reality or use an addon aircraft, which bot use the FSX in-game navdata.


Thanks for replying. I am using a default MSFS plane and if that has no data for the renamed runway 29L is that not due to your navdata?

No, because we have all terminal procedures for 29L but the sim is outdated here and the sim logic is, when a terminal procedure can´t assign to an existing runway, the sim disable the terminal procedures. That´s not what we have in our hand, that´s due the old FSX in-game navdata usage which is not very flexible and also we are depended on ASOBO/MS in this case.

Here the runways in the MSFS - no 29L,

As soon, ASOBO or any other 3rd party designer changes the runway with the reality values, you will see the terminal procedures immediately.

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Again, this is not a navdata issue because the data are all included in our dataset which you have installed on your system. It´s the sim, which disable this information due the outdated scenery.


PS: when you´re using any 3rd party aircraft like PMDG, Fenix, Maddog, … you will see that the terminal procedures are selectable, all runways are there - no limitiation because they use the preferable way: they have their own database which is independent to the MSFS and his logic

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