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I’m having a problem with the new iniBuilds A310 where at KRNO airport I am unable to select a SID or STAR on the FPLAN page. After working with iniBuilds support it was identified that the current Navigraph airac for MSFS seems to be causing the problem. Once I removed the Navigraph-base folder from my community folder I was able to successfully select a SID and STAR for this airport. If I re-install the navigraph airac into MSFS then I lose the SID and STARS.

Also the runways that appear on the SID page are 16L, 16R, 34L, 34R and on the STAR page I get 17L, 17R, 35L and 35R.

Could this be a problem with the latest airac? So far KRNO is the only airport I have had a problem with.

Screenshots are attached.

Thank you

you have give the correct answer by yourself :wink:

It’s not a navdata issue as IniBuilds told you. Thats simple wrong. The problem is the sim and the outdated scenery.

Check the runways in the MSFS scenery and in reality. You see (as you have discovered) in the MSFS you have 16L/R, 34L/R and 07/25 but in reality the runway idents are 17L/R, 35LR and 08/26 - and thats exactly the issue.



The sim has now the logic, that when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to an existing runway, that all terminal procedures (specially for STARs) will be disabled and you can´t select it. That happens for all aircrafts which are using the FSX in-game navdata format. That´s not a navdata issue, it´s a sim issue and we can´t do anything for that. I have checked the data and all terminal procedures are in the MSFS navdata but will be suppressed due this logic.

That´s exactly the reason, why PMDG, Maddog, Fenix, … (and many other upcoming addons) will use external navdata databases, to be independent of the sim and his logic.

We had a similar question for a few days from Bob - where I have also explained it:

As you see in the reference-posting, as soon as the runways are correct (due an MSFS update or any 3rd party scenery), you will find and can select the terminal procedures as expected because the data are still included.

Sorry, hope that helps a litte but again, it´s not a navdata issue as IniBuilds told you … it´s a sim issue as you see due the outdated runway-idents.


PS: by the way - when the stock data shows the terminal procedures with this wrong runways, you see how accurate the data are

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my question. Also, thank you for the detailed explanation.

Thanks for this kind words …

Happy flying

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