LRCL Missing All SID/STAR/Runway Length Data

Op System: Win 10
FS Version: MSFS version
Add-on: Tested with: FBW A32NX, Citation CJ (With WT CJ4 Mod)
AIRAC Update No: 2109 rev.2
Problem Details: Missing All SID/STAR Runway Length data as per AIS ROMANIA
See below nav path to the AIP (no deeplinks on the website :frowning: )

the problem here is that the sim scenery is outdated. When you look on the WorldMap you see 08/26 as runways but in real it´s 07/25. The sim logic is, when a terminal procedure can´t be assigned to a runway, than it will suppressed by the sim. We have all terminal procedures included

Here from the sim:

… and here the real-world:

Please report this to ASOBO/MS because we can do nothing in this case. Our data are complete and correct, but the MSFS is very outdated in many areas. As soon you have the correct runways, you will see the terminal procedures immediately.


Apologies, I did not know it was on the Asobo side.

I also tried to install an airport addon that corrected the runways but it made no change in the FMC.

I will contact Asobo. Thank you!

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