VFR Charts

It’s quite interesting to see, that my question has already 40 replies! Looks like I’m not the only one who enjoys some VFR flights :slight_smile:

I think Navigraph is doing an excellent job. I use your charts and planning tools more or less everyday. Actually, thinking about it - I don’t know how you can do flight simming without Navigraph. The only thing missing are just those VFR charts. Luckily, they are available for free in the United States, but for other countries it’s rather tricky to get hold of them. I’m really looking forward to have them available in Navigraph Charts.

Please continue providing such an amazing service to the flight sim community!


Bought my membership the week, fantastic tool with great opportunities. Since I fly a lot of VFR in Vatsim, the VFR cards would be a great update.

I’m looking forward to it


Hello - VFR charts would be great, looking forward to the update.

+1 looking hard for VFR charts

btw. is there still a chance to participate in that survey that was mentioned by Ian in this thread on Mar 21??


That survey was only running in March, but we got plenty of data on which we are basing the VFR product.

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Just wanted to have my wish for VFR charts added to the list :grinning:

Hi Brad,


Consider your wish added to the list . :wink:


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Yes VFR charts/sectionals/wacs would be great.
I hope they are coming soon.
Is there currently an estimate for this badly needed addition?

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I would really love to use VFR charts, too. Please consider my vote here, I mostly fly VFR on fs2020 and navigraph subscription is going almost with no use, unfortunately.
Thank you for your help!

One more vote here :slight_smile: I actually chose a monthly subscription as the in-game panel for FS2020 looked too tempting to improve my VR flying. As I only fly VFR in real life and the sim, I was very disappointed to realise that there is no VFR support in Navigraph (yet). I ended my subscription due to that but will definitely re-activate it again the moment VFR Charts/maps appear :slight_smile:

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This is in active development and we hope to have news to share soon.




Thank you so much for investing in this evolution, I am sure it will be a great thing.

Is there any estimation for feature release? Q1? Q2? Q3? Q4? Maybe 2023? Thank you so much!

Really excited to hear about this! I am also looking forward to VFR charts.

you are answering all VFR requests with the same answer, hold on and stand by we are developing…
Is there any roadmap or timeschedule for integration of VFR charts in Navigraph?


We appreciate the desire for VFR charts. This is a key part of our next Charts in development. As soon as we have a roadmap or time schedule we shall let you know. We are talking months, not years.


Mmmh, think there are many, many simmers flying VFR and first requests are more than one year old, enough time to have a schedule in place…

For those of you that want VFR now, download Little NavMAP.

Alex Projects - Little Navmap (albar965.github.io)

Unacceptable. The history of this thread doesn’t shine a complimentary light on the development progress. The responses provided are sparse and lack any substantive information. You need much better transparency, and the “it’s coming be patient” line is not sufficient. If this issue is not updated with something substantive soon I will not be renewing my annual subscription.


To shed a little bit more light - we are rebuilding our suite of Charts apps from scratch. We are not just adding VFR Charts. We are also adding many VFR features including flightplanning, and many new IFR features, and this would not have been feasible in the old apps which were three separate and quite dated codebases. We are rebuilding now around one common code base for all apps, iOS, Android, Web, Desktop (PC/Mac). In this way we will be able to deliver features at a much higher rate, but the initial release will take more time due to the complete rewrite of the platform. It will be a bit like the ketchup effect. There are currently still too many moving parts in this project to commit to an exact timeline, and a firm feature set, and we generally don’t do this. But I can say that we tentatively are looking at the Q2 2022 timeframe for a beta release of the new apps.




Hi Stephen,

thanks a lot for this (first) inside comment to the VFR charts requests. It is of help for those of us waiting for these charts to come.
At least I will patiently wait for Q2.