VFR Charts

I fly MSFS in VR exclusively and there is no good VFR charts option at the moment. There are only some clunky solutions involving Littlenavmap and lots of tinkering.
I was hesitating for a long time to get the Navigraph subscription because it did not offer VFR charts and I was using X-Plane which has avitab and that works well.
Now that I fly IFR more and mostly on MSFS, I finally decided to get a Navigraph subscription but I still miss the VFR maps!
I think you would get a huge boost in sales if you had VFR maps because many GA pilots only fly VFR.

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Yes we are aware of the desire for VFR Charts. We are working on it.



Thank you IAN . Yesterday i started looking at other options outside of navigraph to achieve good VFR maps. I like what you guys do and reading your comment today I will hang in there . Looking forward to what you guys come up with in the future .

I also fly VFR most of the time and I do that in the US because of the VFR charts in Skyvector, just because Navigraph doesn’t have that option. They have been saying for a long time that they are working on it but a little more information would be appreciated. Don’t misunderstand me, I love Navigraph but communication is not their strongest part…

Recommend you look into Skyvector Moving Map for MSFS as a solution while you wait. It’s a lightweight service that places your aircraft location on the skyvector website in the Chrome browser. Navigraph announced future VFR charts nearly two years ago now. I wouldn’t hold your breath for a release anytime soon. Navigraph has given no estimates on completion time when asked, only giving the standard. “we’re working on it” replies.

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Waiting for the VFR charts before I renew my subscription. I fly my sim mostly to small airports so the present charts don’t really benefit me that much.


I have just subbed for the first time recently and am loving using the charts in my Xplane airliner. Really excited to hear you are bringing the VFR charts over as tabbing out to skyvector all the time is a buzz kill. I reckon this could be a great business decision to incorporate VFR charts into your products :slight_smile:

I too am looking forward to VFR charts in Navigraph. I’m currently using AirMate as my EFB-style solution but I prefer the Navigraph app… I’ll keep an eye out for updates!

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Well I’m seriously looking forward to the VFR charts. This is the one thing missing that I think this could really use.


Just add some to the hype train ! :slight_smile:


Cant wait for the VFR maps! especially for VR :slight_smile: hope its soon

would be nice! need more zoom level then in the normal charts with fine topo maps.

That’s coming! :blush:



So glad to see the shared enthusiasm for VFR charts in navigraph, and even more glad to see that it’s in the works! Now just to figure out how to wait patiently in the meantime… :rofl:


looking forward to VFR charts in Navigraph

any chance navigraph releases an alpha version this year?

Hi Team,

VFR Charts are a key part of our new Charts development. When this development reaches a point where we can share this, we shall be keen to do so.

Thank you for your patience.