VFR Navlog

I would like to share with you an idea to implement since Navigraph now gives you the possibility of planning VFR flights.

I would like to have the possibility of having the Navlog at the end of the planning

even the possibility of drawing on the flight maps for notes

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With all the VFR possibilites now available it is a bit of a shame that a navlog function, like on Skyvector, not is implemented.

A Navlog would be great indeed, thanks for creating a topic! Feel free to vote for it yourself @Deltaflight84 .

Please stick to one feature request per topic! I have edited the title. In this case, your request seems to be covered by this already existing topic:

Feel free to add more details to that topic if you want to!

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Adding my vote, a navlog is for me the last hurdle from making Charts my only planning tool for VFR piston/turboprop flying in the sim, and also for a good portion of IFR flying. Currently I still supplement it with SkyDemon and/or Skyvector, but a all-in-one with Charts would be great.

Wouldn’t even have to be too complex for my use; track true and mag, distance, level (selectable), average leg wind, leg time based on distance/TAS, and hey presto! Stuff like automatic wind correction angle/heading and GS calculation would just be a bonus, I’d be more than happy with some simple arithmetic.