VFR update?

Hello Navigraph,

Was wondering if you have a VFR map status update for subscribers?

It has been very quiet for some time, any chance of a sneak preview of what has been developed so far?


Good luck getting anything but a canned “we’re working on it” reply. It’s been nearly two years and the only development update given in that time has been that they’re working with Jeppesen. No timeline, roadmap, or preview has ever been offered every time they’re asked.

Yes it really is a shame that Navigraph cannot offer VFR airport Charts for MSFS2020.This sim is now quite amazing but it is so frustrating and time consuming trying to acquire VFR charts when planning flights.



We have a team working on the next major release of Charts which will include VFR charts. As soon as we have more information, we shall provide it.


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I just add to the thread to push it further. VFR Sectionals maps with altitude profile would be a killer feature !