VFR Chart Development Roadmap

I am a big fan and user of Navigraph. This is just my thoughts/feedback on the development of VFR Charts, which I know many users are anxiously awaiting.

It would be really wonderful if Navigraph would consider having a section like MSFS does for Development Roadmap.
This would allow your users to see some timelines of the development process and eliminate the posting with the questions of when will we see VFR Charts - just a thought.


I’d also like some information on the roadmap for this, and for weather


We will consider such a roadmap, but at this time it is still too early. We have a full team working on this, but in the past 3 weeks focus was shifted to the in-game panel. As this is mostly done now, focus will shift back to VFR.

Hopefully we should be able to share some more concrete plans after summer.




Guess the answer was nope lol.

Hey, it’s almost mid October, any update?

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Maybe they meant after summer in the southern hemisphere :wink:

We’re (mainly) in the northern hemisphere, but it is still tecnically after summer :blush:

It is still too early to share our plans for the new Charts app. I know you are eager to know more, but rest assured I don’t think we will disappoint. It’s more than just VFR charts, that I can confirm. There still just too many moving parts to provide a firm roadmap. We will do so when the time is right.

Thank you for your patience and continued support!




Thank you Stephen for your reply.
As Navigraph knows there are many users anxiously awaiting this new VFR Charts app.

Your reply was and is important to keep us users in the loop - looking forward to it’s arrival.

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