Verifying account every time, how does GTN750 do it?

There has to be a solution. I haven’t opened Navigation charts for over a month because of this.

Yes I know you will move and then lock this thread so it can’t become a conversation but I have one question.

If it is impossible to do because of Asobo, how is it that the GTN750 (premium), can happily display my Navigraph charts every session, without the need to login every time.

Thank you.

Hello Phil! Thank you for reaching out.

First of all, please know that we understand your frustration. Let me assure you that this issue is equally annoying for us and that we want this to change just as much as you do.

The technical reason why the GTN750 can store your credentials while our panel is unable to do so is very simple, let me try to explain.

The user interface of the GTN750 is displayed by rendering files that are stored locally on your computer, more specifically in the PMS50 GTN750 addon. It stores its credentials in a custom storage that Asobo has created, which (after some initial bug fixes) is able to persist tokens between sessions.

In contrast, our panel uses an iframe that can be conceptually compared to having a “portal” to an online website. The difference between “local” addons such as the GTN750, and iframed panels such as ours, is that the latter has no direct communication path with the simulator. This is because of globally established security protocols, not a Navigraph or Asobo decision. This means that we are not able to access this “custom store” that the GTN750 makes use of.

“Well how is this fixable by Asobo?”, you might ask. Good question! Asobo, as developers of the simulator, are responsible for implementing the technology/environment in which the panels are run, called Coherent. This environment is basically a web browser, closest resembling Safari.

When web browsers such as Safari encounter iframes on the web, they set up separate storage locations dedicated to the environment within said iframes automatically. That storage is then persisted between browser restarts. This is not the case in Asobo’s implementation, forcing developers to use their local-only solution in order to achieve persistence.

We have wired everything up for a working, secure solution. All we need for persistence to work is for Asobo to adapt to the specification of localStorage, which they can seriously do with the flip of a switch. We have confirmed this with the developers behind the Coherent environment directly. Until they do, we cannot persist your credentials. At least not securely or according to standards.

With all of the above said, and having mentioned that we want this solved as much as you do, we have been experimenting with both non-standard and insecure solutions. We can easily provide insecure solutions, but as you can imagine, we do not want to do that for obvious reasons.

We have a few experimental non-standard solutions that might work without security implications, but due to the ongoing development of the next Charts product, we are limited in the time that we can spend on verifying their integrity. Therefore, we hope that Asobo will honor their promise of flipping the switch, even if it has been almost a year since they said they’d do it.

There you go, I hope this was informative enough! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Kind Regards,

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Superb info thank you for taking the time to reply in detail, very much appreciated. :slight_smile: btw if there is anything I can do to help test please do let me know. :slight_smile:

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Hello again Phil!

I think you’ll be pleased to know that one of our workarounds have been deemed secure enough for release. Updating the panel should fix this issue for you. If not, please advise and we’ll investigate further!

Kind Regards,

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Great stuff thanks, I will report back if there are any issues.

Hi again. Ok sorry to report that after updating and then starting MSFS, on loading the new Charts in MSFS (from the toolbar) I am getting a blank (empty) window only.

I do see the message “Loading Navigraph Charts” but then nothing else.

Single screen, 4K.


Yeah I’m sorry about that. Multiple users have reported the same!

I believe that it is fixed now, please try reinstalling the panel in the NNC.

If it does not work, please refer to (and possibly post in) this thread: In-Game Panel shows blank

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the quick reply. Funny enough I was just finishing a short flight and then uninstalled all Navigraph things and reinstalled.

Just waiting for sim to reload now. Will post back.

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Confirm all good now thanks. Have not tried restarting again yet to see if the login sticks. But charts are working fine so far. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! Have a nice evening!

Kind Regards,

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