Having to verify account every time?

Hello navigraph team,
I just began using the MSFS beta and I love it’s potential and it’s already made flights easier to plan from inside the cockpit. But, having to logon into navigraph and enter a new verification code every time, at the start of each flight is a few steps too many .

I know this is a beta, is there a way just to enter a verification code once and then that PC is good as long as my account is active?

  • Greg

windows 10, RTX2060S, i7-something, 32gb RAM.


Agreed this has to be changed also is there a way or is there going to be a way to bind the Navigraph window to a key stroke ?

Yeah, it is not a good solution at the moment.

Agreed this is fairly unworkabale at the moment. For me the link doestly actually bring up the page so ivwe had to save it as a bookmark. I have navigraph running on a seperate display so i wont use this when im doing flights with my monitors on. Howver the game changer here is that I do have VR and this would be perfect for VR for airport taxi charts and the like. Tried using it last night and as stated couldnt get link to work, had to re-enter code about 3 times during setup and flight and I could not get the simlink to enable moving maps on the toolbar charts yet i had it going at same time on normal monitor so my simlink was working just wont whilst using the charts in VR.


Thank you all for the feedback.

We are working on multiple things, getting it to keep the session across flight/sim restarts, implementing a virtual keyboard, and stabilizing moving maps in the panel.

Stay tuned in the coming days for updates.




Wow! Amazing guys! Thanks for that :+1: