Always asked to log in to my Navigraph account in MSFS

Hello to all!

I recently updated my installation of Navigraph to MSFS, with it now showing in the simulator’s main menu, which is great.

My issue is that everytime I start the sim and open Navigraph via the icon on the menu, it asks me to log in to my account, either with scanning a QR code, or with a special code I have to type after login in to Navigraph.

That is impossible to do in VR (which I am using more and more), and requires leaving VR, going to my desktop, etc.

Is there a way of ensuring that my credentials (always on the same computer) are remembered by Navigraph in MSFS?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Roberto! Welcome to the forum.

This is the case for everyone right now, and probably will be until Microsoft/Asobo updates the simulator to implement the storing mechanism correctly. Word is that this won’t take long, however, and as soon as that happens the panel should persist your credentials without any updates or interactions needed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but currently, there is nothing we can do about it without putting a lot of effort in as well as compromising your account’s security, which we do not want to do.

Kind Regards,

Thank you very much Malte for the very quick response!

I’ll patiently wait.

I have found that waiting in the MSFS world, often brings very nice surprises!!

All the best!

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