I have actually a FMS Data subscription (only!) expring next @July 2022. BTW, I have been getting the Jeppesen’s aeronautical navigation charts from another source. So I have everything I need so far. Well at this point - nothing to worry about…

However, IF I would UPGRADE (today!) my currently VALID subscription from FMS Data to Ultimate (including Jeppesen’s aeronautical navigation charts of course) how would the subscription period looks like??? Yeah that`s important for me to know that.:slight_smile: Please replay ASAP. Thank you!

Regards (LSZH)

I was in the same position a couple months ago. You’ll pay the base of the ultimate subscription - (fms-data price x percent of the old subscription remaining).

WHAT’S UP??? Is there a company binding statement on THIS matter???- Well, it would be greatly appreciated if YOU do so! OR is this forum NOT moderated by the moderators like reviewing, answering customers’ questions and managing forum posts???

@Aeroflo is absolutely right!

For your next posting, a normal reminder is absolutely enough … You don’t need uppercase letters for this … thank you!


PS: thanks @Aeroflo for your help … much appreciated

@Richard: As a Forum moderator you should better have a closer look to the questions that were posted (in my case) in this forum and answer and act accordingly. How should I know and be sure that an answer by a certain gentleman named (user: Aeroflo) is absolutely right! How can I know that???

Please don’t try to command me because I am not a child. I am a Swiss citizen and I am a 100% free person. Just take that into account. You should answer directly the questions of you customers (as I am, yearly subscription -based) and that`s it.

And be aware of THIS: my personal preference for Charts and Navdata is NavDataPro. But digging even deeper I have to say that I prefer LIDO to Jeppesen charts and the Navdata, especially the approach plates where you’ll find (far better approach Waypoint designations and for Takeoff all airports where it’s possible to perform an intersection (non-full length) departure you’ll find the distances on the charts for each intersection - you will only find this on a very few Jeppesen charts. As you can see…

Have a nice day, greetings from Switzerland.

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Your request came in on Sunday evening. There are posts such as Paid for FMS Data and can only use the demo and Active paid subscription, but only access to Demo Mode - #13 by MGuelden outlining process for updating your subscription.

There is also a company statement at Navigraph Subscription Policy:

The racial slurs in your post are unacceptable. If you do it again, you will be banned.

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