Subscription not coherent

A few monts ago, I bougth an annual subscription for FMC data only.
Now I want to upgrade it to get charts as well, but I am unable to do so.
When I go to my account, it says I have already an Ultimate monthly subscription, which is neither what I purchased (FMC data yearly) nor what I want (Ultimate yearly).
If I try to load charts, it says that I have only FMC data load rights, but does not offers to upgrade.
How can I escape from this mess ?


Hi JeanPaul,


I show you having FMS yearly :thinking:

If you try converting to Ultimate Yearly, you should have the remaining amount of your FMS Yearly subscription credited toward Ultimate Yearly. Is this not happening?


Thanks for answering.

No, I am unable to upgrade.

When I click on ultimate subscription, it says I am already all set.

When I look on my account, it says Ultimate monthly, which is neither what I have, nor what I want.

When I try to use maps, it keeps staying in demo mode.


JP PĂ©lissier.