Subscription not coherent

A few monts ago, I bougth an annual subscription for FMC data only.
Now I want to upgrade it to get charts as well, but I am unable to do so.
When I go to my account, it says I have already an Ultimate monthly subscription, which is neither what I purchased (FMC data yearly) nor what I want (Ultimate yearly).
If I try to load charts, it says that I have only FMC data load rights, but does not offers to upgrade.
How can I escape from this mess ?


Hi JeanPaul,


I show you having FMS yearly :thinking:

If you try converting to Ultimate Yearly, you should have the remaining amount of your FMS Yearly subscription credited toward Ultimate Yearly. Is this not happening?


Thanks for answering.

No, I am unable to upgrade.

When I click on ultimate subscription, it says I am already all set.

When I look on my account, it says Ultimate monthly, which is neither what I have, nor what I want.

When I try to use maps, it keeps staying in demo mode.


JP PĂ©lissier.



Hi jppa320,

Were you able to solve the problem? Facing the same, I couldn’t upgrade my subscription too.

No, I gave up.


With the help of Navigraph Support Team I was able to upgrade my subscription. Log in to your account, click on "Your subscription from the menu bar and from there you can manage your subscription, including upgrading to the Navigraph Ultimate subscription.

Both of you - please post screenshots of how the Subscription page looks before you attempt the upgrade, and the end result (the message you get saying that upgrade is not possible or you are all set).

Also please double check which account you are logged in to on (see Alias on Navigraph).