No Pricing for FMS Data - why?

My FMS Data subscription is due for renewal in the next day or two but nowhere on your site can I see the new price. The only price visible is for Charts which I do not need.

This is somewhat underhand of Navigraph. Why is there no price for FMS Data under your Pricing sub menu?

Surely you should be advising your FMS Data customers what the price will be. You don’t!! All you’re doing is pushing people towards the expensive Charts option that many of us do not need.

Display prices for both your packages and please tell me what the price will be for FMS Data.


You access the Navigation Data subscription and its pricing from your Navigraph Account page.


Sorry Stephen. My subscription details shows the renewal date and subscription status but not the amount.

This page shows everything for the FMS Data Manager… except the price! :frowning_face:

Hi Ray,

I see. If you are already a subscriber it only shows your current subscription. Only for non-subscribers the pricing info is shown, like this:

The price is 29.79 Euro plus VAT (where applicable) for Navdata Yearly.

The pricing information was also communicated in an email on November 30, 2022.


Thanks Stephen. That’s a bit daft isn’t it? Everyone should be able to see the price.

That rise is a big increase on the £25.90 inc VAT I paid in the last two years. Why has it gone up so much?

Yes agree, we have some remodeling of the dashboard in the works so it should be made clearer soon for existing subscribers.

Not completely true, 25.90 was also without VAT. The price increase is 3.89 Euro, or 15%.

We have not changed the price for the navigation data subscription in 6 years. Quite a lot of development has happened in the past 6 years on the navdata side, with support for many new sims and addons, and license costs have increased. Information about the price increase was communicated in the newsletters on Nov 8 and Nov 30 last year.

We are not promoting the navigation data subscription any longer. We are promoting the Unlimited subscription to new users. We are keeping the navigation data subscription mainly for existing subscribers and that is why it appears only under the account pages.



There was a real rumpus a few years ago when Navigraph tried to cancel the FMS Data option and force everyone onto the far more expensive and unrequired Charts option. Eventually Navigraph relented.

15% is still a large rise but I’ll accept it as there’s no competition and it’s still a decent service.

But to avoid frustration please include the subscription price for existing FMS customers. I like to see what I’m being charged before committing.

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