Annual Subscription for FMS Data Only

I currently have a Charts subscription and was involved in the beta of version 8. With the price increase after release, I cancelled my subscription. Price is important in my budget and that was the driving reason.

I have beta tested many, many products over the years. In times past, various companies gave beta testers a ‘thank you’ gift of some sort. In this case, it might have been 1 month of service for every bug report submitted. I’d have about 6 months of service in such a scenario.

My real compliant however is that the FMS subscription is no longer available. This, of course, was a clear decision on your part, but I won’t be subscribing to charts any longer. I don’t fly enough (about once a month) for this to be financially sound. I would definitely subscribe to the FMS data however, as it would keep my data current for those times when I do fly.

Please, please bring back the FMS Data only subscription. Thank you for your consideration.


The Navigation Data subscription is available after your Ultimate subscription expires. Please see Navdata only subscription? - #2 by NAVData.


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