Updating EGNV's name from Durham Tees Valley Airport to Teesside International Airport on the World Map on MSFS2020

Currently no one has made a name change for Teesside International Airport from Durham Tees Valley (ICAO: EGNV) on the world map on MSFS2020 and It’s been changed for quite a while now and on your charts it says Teesside International Airport but it still says Durham Tees Valley Airport from the previous owner of the airport on the world map and I want it changed because the little details count. I was wondering if you can change the Airports name from Durham Tees Valley to Teesside International Airport on the MSFS2020 world map in the next AIRAC update if you don’t mind.

Sincerely, Leon Burns

P.S Keep me updated on this topic!

Hi Leon,
we may not update airport names, nor airport idents, no runway idents in MSFS. This is only what ASOBO/MS can change, sorry.

We have the correct name “Teesside International Airport” in our database/data.

Sorry, please report this to ASOBO/MS.


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