Not updated?

new subscription using Gleim Virtual Cockpit BATD. Downloaded all per instructions - no error messages. However, it does not seem that anything is updated. Airport names are well out-of-date KBKV and KVDF. Should be Brooksville - North Tampa Regional and Tampa Executive, respectively. ILS approaches do not include current IAF’s. My apologies if doing something wrong - please inform me.

first of all welcome here at Navigraph and thanks for your report.

Before I start a clarification, due your Gleim VC BATD environment:
Our data may ONLY be used for gaming, not for any real-world professional training or similar else. That means, you may use it with your environment but only for gaming purpose.

Back to your question:

This is not a part of the navdata updates. The XP11 dataset contains “only” navaid, fixes, airways and terminal procedures but no airport information, like ICAO code changes, airport name changes, runway ident changes, … All these information are part of the global XP scenery and will not be updated thru the AIRAC cycles.

Without any details, I can give you only a more or less general answer. It seems to be an issue in your Garmin because in general we offer these information in our data.

Here an example of the KEST GPS16 approach:

You see here very clear, the yellow markings are the IAFs (A = Initial Approach Fix) and the blue one is the FACF (I = Final Approach Course Fix).

… and of course, you see all of these information at least in the standard XP11 G1000 also:

I would recommend to ask the devs for your Garmin on your enviroment, why you don´t see these waypoints but as you see, the waypoints are there.


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