ICAO Code Discrepancies

Hi, I have a curious issue with the nav data being supplied to MSFS as part of the data subscription. It appears that several ICAO codes have changed over the years and are not up to date. So far I’ve discovered:

EGQG Longside - This should be EGPS
EGWG Sherlowe - This should be EGQ6

I suppose my question is, shouldn’t the FMS data correct these issues?

both airports are default airport in the MSFS stock data. We may not change the ICAO codes, that´s part of the ASOBO team sorry. We may only create airports, which are not existing in the stock data.

Both airports (new or old ICAO code) are not part of our dataset, so this information comes definitively from the MSFS stock data. Sorry, please report this to ASOBO, that´s not any issue what we can handle.

Thank you,

Thank you for confirming Richard. I’ll reach out to them for comment :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

No problem - you´re welcome and thank you …

Have a nice day too,

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