Runway designation changes

Following the latest AIRAC update I noticed quite by chance the runway designations at LEBL had changed. I was able to change them using ADE and the airport developer will issue updated runway textures and signs.

There must be other airports affected by the change in magnetic variation. Is it possible for Navigraph to compare the latest AIRAC data with the previous one and provide a list of airports affected together with the new runway designations?


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yes this is possible, but we don´t provide such information for public, sorry. We are in contact with a few scenery designer to provide this information that they can prepare their sceneries with this new information till the release.


Thanks for your reply Richard. That’s disappointing to hear. Why not tell us, the members who subscribe to your service? With so many people switching to MSFS from P3D how are we to know our scenery requires updating? We can’t rely on the developer as they prioritise MSFS and may only provide an update for P3D if pressurised to do so by us. Knowing what needs updating is important.

Please reconsider. This is hardly secret info.

Come on Richard. I pay for this service so if you’re able to identify new runway designations why not publish them?

Do developers pay you to receive them? If they don’t then why should they get a better service than your paying customers?

You pay for more than 100 different addon formats, you pay for a nearly 7x24 support service, you pay for future development …

We can consider this wish in the future …


Yes, I pay for all those but like everyone else use just a few. I rarely use support because your product is reliable .

But when you already have this data making it available as a small download on your website doesn’t seem an unreasonable request.

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Again, as I wrote before, we can consider this wish in the future …

Thank you,

This would indeed be useful information, due to the consequences of runway renames for XP11 and MSFS users :grinning:



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