UHPP not showing correct airport name

Problem with UHPP Petropavlovsk, showing wrong Airport name (Ust-Pakhachi Airport - UHPA) after entering the ICAO and freezes Garmin in TBM930 w/ mod WT G3000.

Please see attached screenshots and linked videos.


Video link 1 : https://youtu.be/Q11iZGUdJKM

Video link 2 : https://youtu.be/A46gRGL8_YY

Video link 3 : https://youtu.be/9tQPgiXy8mU

we have no influence on the airport names. We only provide the ICAO codes and the ARP (airport reference point) coordinates from ASOBO/MS.

I have looked now in UHPP and here the data, which we use to generate the files for the sim:

Looks correct so far …


Thanks for the reply Richard, I believe something fishy is going on within MSFS and I do not have the expertise to pinpoint what it is. This problem surfaced while I was located at PASY and wanted to enter a flight plan to UHPP. It may be related to crossing the “day line”.

I´m honest - here the same … we also work after the “try & error” principle and we try to find out the logic behind but sometimes, we find no real answer. There are a lot of limitations & bugs in the sim. I´m pretty sure, that ASOBO/MS works on each but it looks that there are some core-logical issues which are not so easy to handle and to fix. We will see what the future brings …

Also agree - we also have figured out, that there happens strange things on these “date line”. Specially with routing and terminal-procedures. I assume too, that there is an issue somewhere, but here again: it´s a feeling but due the technical limitations and the missing tools, we have no chance to figure this out. It will be stay a assumption …

Sorry, that I have no better answer for you Hayri.

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