KFTG is now KCFO

Hi. While flying to Front Range Airport(KFTG) using Garmin NXi(MSFS) I was able to enter KFTG into the flightplan. KFTG no longer is an active airport ID and is now KCFO(Colorado Spaceport). Coincidentally, the FAA changed it via NOTAM Dec 2, 2021 while searching.

  1. Remove KFTG from the database.
    - KCFO does exist in the Garmin database


  1. Update Navigation Chart with the airport name/elevation info.

Keep up the good work as well!


I´m not sure, what you expect … you can´t really rename/change/delete an ICAO code in the MSFS, that can only be done by ASOBO/MS. We have added the KCFO and this airport is selectable and contains all available terminal procedures:


As you see, KCFO is available and also useable.

To point #2 - the charts are still updated. KFTG isn´t available - only KCFO.


Hi Richard.

I did not plan using the MSFS flight planner. I planned from the airplane using the Garmin and noticed the duplicate.

If anything…Resolved.

Ah understood, but its the same answer. We can’t delete/change an existing ICAO code in the stock MSFS. This can only be done by ASOBO/MS, sorry.

Please report this issue to ASOBO/MS. Haven’t tested it but I assume the stock data has exactly the same problem because here the new ICAO code should also be included (its an FAA airport).


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