Unable to sign in navigraph data center

I can’t log in to navigraph data center, I read and tried all the forum articles yesterday, without result.



Hi Willem,


Please confirm you are not trying to login to Charts which requires an Unlimited subscription.


Yes I tried logging in, to see if this worked, do you mean with a year subscription this doesn’t work? Do I need Navigraph+Simlink and Navigraph Charts for Navigraph Navdata Center to work? I am not interested in these two applications, can I remove them?

Hi Willem,

No, you should be able to access Navigraph Navdata Center using your Navigation Data subscription.

You should remove Charts and Simlink to avoid confusion, though the new Charts 8 is impressive :wink:

Then please restart your machine.

After that, please provide a screenshot of the error message when you log in to Navigraph Navdata Center.


Thank you, I followed your instructions and again the same result, no login.
Also uninstalled Navigraph Navdata Center, reinstalled virus scanner disabled, (I use the default scanner from windows) ditto, firewall also activated for private connection, see images.

I have replied to your email, but your company does not seem to receive it well, have been in the computer business since 1979, and have never experienced anything like it. Will work through the forum in the future.

Greetings and thanks for the quick reply


Today I can log into Navigraph Navdata Center and update my AIRAC data,
I hope I don’t run into any further problems.

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