Unable to Login Navdata Center

Hi all. Hopefully posting this in the right spot. Reinstalled MSFS yesterday. Today I was trying to get my Navdata Center set back up. It didn’t auto-sign in, which…It’s been a while, okay. Then it gave me the 1.0.5 update download.

I have since been unable to get a response out of the ‘Sign In’ button. No errors, no windows, no nothing. I hit it, and get nada. Chrome is my default browser. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Navdata Center, but it didn’t help. I can’t make the thing let me sign in. It’s kind of disheartening. IFR is totally transformed when using Navigraph. I will say my FMS Data manager, Simlink, and Charts are all signed in and functioning. This issue is exclusively limited to Navdata Center.

Hello Sir,same here cant sign in